Top 5 Tips for UNI // Blog

ThinkMental’s Top 5 Tips for Uni

  1. Get involved!

Find a society, a team or a group doing something that interests or even confuses you! Try new things and meet new people to feel rewarded and fulfilled.

  1.  Take care of yourself

Your physical health will affect your mental health so take care of yourself! Try to eat some of your five a day, be balanced with your alcohol consumption and find some form of regular exercise, even if it’s just walking to class instead of taking the bus! Your mind will thank you.

  1. Plan ahead

Make a list of all your deadlines, term dates and can’t miss events to make sure you use your time efficiently and avoid any unnecessary stress! It’s also extremely satisfying to cross them off.

  1. Have fun!

Study hard, but don’t forget to make time for having fun! Make sure you are out socialising, following your interests and rewarding yourself for hard work. Balance is key.

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up

If something feels wrong, speak up sooner rather than later. Chances are that lots of other people are feeling the same way, and knowing you are not alone is so relieving!

Talk to friends at UNI, friends at home and your family so they can support you. There are plenty of people at King’s you can talk to too. You can speak to your RA’s, your tutor, the King’s Counselling Service, the Peer Support Team or a GP at the health centre.

Look at our Support Page to find out more.

Incorporate these into your UNI life to help maintain your wellbeing. You deserve to be your best. 

If you want to contribute something to the ThinkMental website, get in touch with us and we will try to make it happen!

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