The Tunnel // Poetry

The Tunnel

When you enter a tunnel,
Life becomes bleak,
There’s no easy way out.

No secret pill,
No magic word,
It’s just a journey you have to take.

Some tunnels seem infinite,
Some pass in a day,
But remember they never go on forever.

Shout, scream, cry.
Ask for help, that’s all ok
But never let the tunnel consume you.

Because they do all end,
There is light beyond the dark,
No matter how dark the dark….

Your eyes need to adjust to the tunnel,
And one day you’ll look back
And say ‘That was a journey.’


Ruth Fox is studying Sport Science at the University of Hertfordshire. 

Hi, my name is Ruth Fox and I’m 18 years old. For the past 4 years, I’ve been living two very different lives. There’s the life on the outside – the one which everyone sees, the one where I’m a confident, outgoing and motivated individual radiating positive vibes and laughing all the time. The other one is plagued with crippling depression, an illness I first encountered as a naive and innocent 14 year old.

A disease I’ve had to live with and deal with every single day. Some days are unbearably hard, you think, “what’s the point?” “why me?” “I’m not strong enough for this,” other days you just grit your teeth and get on with it. No day is easy. However, I genuinely believe that all things happen for a reason, and I know possess a mental strength very few have, a resilience that enables me to undertake any hurdle in front of me. My aim is to now help other people in similarly dark places, to let them know that it will be ok; asking for help is by no means a weakness. Having gone through the tough times, the good times seem even better. Stay strong people!

If you want to contribute something to the ThinkMental website, get in touch with us and we will try to make it happen!

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