IT. // Poetry


It is a bit like that wayward friend, the one always up to no good;

she gets you into all kinds of trouble –

but don’t worry because it’s a rush.

she’s funny.

living Life on the edge.


It is similar to those second-helpings of dessert you had last night;

you weren’t hungry anymore –

but damn that chocolate just melted in your mouth.


Life of luxury.


It is comparable to that moment last week;

you decided “fuck this”, left the homework on the side –

but that’s not an issue really cus you’ll make up some excuse.

just not worth it.

Life’s too short.


but of course people don’t understand It is like that do they?

“go for a run. take your meds. see a counsellor. pray. meditate” –

but can’t they see that would be the healthy thing to do?

It is comforting.

It has become my Life.


–  Anonymous

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