Upstairs Is Empty // Poetry

They say that life comes at you,

Pretty bloody fast,

So one thing you’ve got to do,

Is make the good times last.


But it’s hard to do when life gets

Turned all upside down,

It’s tough to mask the heartache

When each smile hides a frown.


It strikes in many fashions

And different ways that hurt.

A hollow feeling upstairs

Or numb under your shirt.


It never gets easier.

Whatever people say.

End up always asking yourself,

“Will this ever go away”?


From friends to therapists,

They all lend their hand.

As the weight of the world pushes you deeper,

And deeper into the sand.


Friday go out, looking for love,

Even looking for a cure.

No quick fixes, though, in for a ride.

A darkness that ever-endures.


It’s not as clear as a cut,

Sometimes a bowed head.

A blank look or a deep sigh,

Or not wanting to leave your bed.


Distractions are nice,

But really nothing more than that.

Take you out of your mad little world,

Then go back to feeling flat.


Depression is hard to talk,

And even harder to deal with.

Tough to face it in reality.

And confront life’s darkest “myth”


But there must be a light

At the end of the line.

There has to be. Surely.

That’s all I want, really, just to feel fine.


Aaron is an International Development student at King’s College London.

Hello. I’m Aaron. Be it radio or poetry, I love making things that I can share and be proud of. My parents either work or have worked in mental health care since the mid-90s, yet I always thought I was immune. I am not. Mental health is something everyone should feel free to talk about because that will save people. Believe me.

If you want to contribute something to the ThinkMental website, get in touch with us and we will try to make it happen!

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