(Belated) Meet the Committee! // Features

We know that we’re already one whole term into the academic year BUT it’s never too late to say hello… So we’re going to introduce the committee of 2018-2019. All of our committee members have a specific role but we’re a pretty relaxed and everyone works on all sorts to help out with our projects.

First up is our incredible President, Matt Peniket. As President, Matt has lots of different roles but his primary role is to head up ThinkMental and inspire a conversation for mental health amongst his committee and our members.

Following being sectioned and a few months in psychiatric hospital, I began to appreciate the extent to which mental illness can tear lives apart, compelling me to do something about it. I am now stable as a third year neuroscience student and thoroughly enjoying university life (most of the time). Further along the line, I am considering a career in either research or clinical psychology. My other big interest, in my free time, is electronic music!


Next up is Anousheh Seddigh-Tonekaboni, our Community Engagement Officer. Anousheh is the brains behind our fortnightly Tea and Talks and also can be found hosting Q&As on our instagram stories.

I’m a 2nd year Psychology student and the reason I joined the committee was to proactively reach out to people about stigmas surrounding mental illness (particularly bipolar disorder). The main goal is to hopefully improve King’s student mental health in the process. This year, I’m in charge of our fortnightly Tea & Talks as well as helping to manage our social media platforms.

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This year we have 2 amazing Campaigns Officers – Julia Bornemann and Nikki Hannon. These roles involve planning and executing ThinkMental’s campaigns and events throughout the year. Julia has been working with services at KCL to improve student support whilst Nikki has been representing ThinkMental at various collaboration events.

I’m Julia and I’m a third year neuroscience student. I’m passionate about understanding how the brain works and all the different ways it can affect mental health. Thinkmental has been a great way for me to bridge what I’m learning in the lab with the people in my community, and I’ve loved every moment of it!

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My name is Nikki and I’m a second year law student at King’s. I joined the Thinkmental Committee this year because I think mental health is an issue that is so prevalent in student life, and I wanted to play even just a small part in encouraging people to be open and unashamed of mental illness.


Habiba Paracha is our Charity Officer this year. Habiba has arranged meetings with our partner charities this year and helps to bring together the necessary bits and pieces that allow us to raise money for charities that we support.

I’m in my second year of International Relations and I’m an enthusiastic learner of what shapes the world and society at larger. What drew me to mental health were the books I read and the impact mental health had on people lives; Haig’s Reason to Stay Alive was a phenomenal biography over the importance in talking about these issues. When I’m not studying or reading memoirs, I dabble in yoga and boxing.


Our wonderful radio show is in its second year now and its new host and organiser is Sav Moyo. Sav has a busy job and was trained by KCL Radio to record and present our radio show, we also upload our shows onto our SoundCloud so you can listen on demand.

Hey I’m Sav (Sabelo) and I’m a third year philosophy student. I initially heard about ThinkMental from a friend who was on the committee last year and I thought it sounded like a great thing to be part of! I’m this year’s radio host (every Wednesday at 7pm, tune in!). I address a different mental health-related issue every week with guests and it’s a job I find really engaging quite cathartic… I’m always open to new guests so reach out! :)) Hopefully see you at one of our events!

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Sizi Komakoma, our Publicity Officer, works hard to help ThinkMental reach as much of the student body as possible. ThinkMental has a presence on lots of social media platforms so keeping these up to date requires a lot of work from Sizi!

Hello lovelies, I’m Sizi! I am from Malawi (but I grew up in Doha, Qatar) and I am in the UK as an international student! I’m studying Neuroscience at KCL, and the pathway that definitely interests me is neuropsychology. I love being pretty social (and talking to new and different people) in my spare time so I’m always happy to meet up for a drink!

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And finally, I’m Holly Phoa. I’m this year’s Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. It’s a really long-winded way of saying that I support Matt with running the society and I deal with all our admin, funding, expenses and turn all our exciting big ideas into a reality (mainly involves a lot of emails and form filling). I’m in my 3rd year of Medicine and have also done an intercalated BSc in Women’s Health. I joined ThinkMental after being introduced to the society by our previous president / my friend Izzy and was inspired to get involved. I’m very passionate about opening up the conversation on mental health in all walks of life but especially in medical students and the medical profession as a whole. I’m also big fan of mindfulness and the incorporating it into our daily lives. I practice yoga, meditation and mindfully stroking my cats.

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Thank you for stopping by to find out more about us. We’d love to get to know you all too! Come to any of our events and say hi to someone on the committee (you know who we are now so no need to be shy!).

P.S. If you’re interested in sharing something (art, poetry, stories etc.) on our blog, get in touch with us via email!