Under The Surface // Poetry

Sunlight and smiles shine freely,

people come and go,


So much – happiness.

So much – normality.

How naive.

Under the surface

the darkness looms.



Daniel Mansaray


Daniel is a physiotherapist who runs Renaissance FC – a football team created to aid young refugees’ integration into the community and improve their psychological and physical well-being.  He is also currently training as a CAMHS ‘Child and Young Person Well-being Practitioner’ at Kings College London.

“I have a real passion for working with refugees. I have lived and worked with refugees across France, Turkey and the UK. From my experiences I have witnessed how mental health can drastically affect people’s lives. I think it is so important to continue to raise awareness about mental health, and tackle the stigma that comes with it, especially within populations where there are cultural barriers such as asylum seekers and refugees.”

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