ThinkMental AGM & Committee Elections 2019/20

On 1st of April 2019, ThinkMental will hold its Annual General Meeting.  At this meeting, new committee roles for the forthcoming academic year will be voted upon.  We strongly encourage you to apply for a role if you would like to get involved with ThinkMental!

All applicants for roles are kindly asked to prepare a 2-3 minute speech to deliver on the day explaining:

1) Why you want to be on the ThinkMental committee next year.
2) What you would hope to add to the role and your vision for development of the role.
2) Why you feel you are suitable for your chosen role. Your answer may include previous ThinkMental or other relevant society experience. More broadly, if you have ever done anything to do with mental health – this is your chance to let everyone know!

Although it is not essential that you attend to get a role, your chances of a successful committee application will be dramatically enhanced by attending the AGM. If you cannot make it, we will read out a 150 word piece on your behalf. Please email with your statement if you will be unable to make it on the day.


President – This role involves overseeing the running of the society and representing the society at KCL events throughout the year.  They will work closely with Julia Haas, who helps coordinate Wellbeing events for KCLSU.  The role will include preparing for major mental health events at King’s such as World & University Mental Health Days.  The President will regularly attend the Mental Health Forum with the Treasurer

They must attend KCLSU President and Treasurer Training in June with the Treasurer.

Vice President – The Vice is responsible for the running of the society with the President.  The role of the Vice will be to represent ThinkMental and help carry out the day-to-day running of the society and coordinating the moving pieces involved.  This individual should be prepared to work with everyone in the society to ensure things get done.  As a part of the role, it is suggested the Vice will be responsible for taking minutes at meetings.

Treasurer – An extremely important role that is responsible for managing the finances of the society and approving member requests for reimbursement.  They will also apply for funding at the allocated funding windows.  They can help ensure the funding we have is put to good use.

For 2019/20, the Treasurer will sit as a permanent member of the new Mental Health Forum – a collective of student leaders from societies involved in promoting wellbeing and mental health.  It is essential that this member will be able to attend this monthly forum and she/he will sit with other committee members that will attend on a rotating basis.  Importantly, the treasurer will manage the finance of this Forum by permitting grants for other members of the forum!

They must attend KCLSU President and Treasurer Training in June with the President.

Tea & Talk Officer (2 positions) – These 2 officers will both help run the fortnightly Tea & Talk event.  This is one of our core activities and provides an informal, supportive setting for students.  Applicants should be prepared to help move equipment (kettles, tea, etc.(!)) between campuses and provide a supportive ear for students.  These two will be required to take KCLSU Wellbeing training (September 2019) to facilitate them in this role.

Campaigns Officer – This individual is responsible for the campaigns aspect of ThinkMental.  Much of our campaigning is intrinsic to everything we do, but this individual will be responsible for steering the direction of travel next year.  There is definitely room for creativity in this role.  The campaigns officer will continue to develop our relationship with KCL counselling to allow us both to provide effective support for students.

Charities Officer – This is a role that requires the individual to be proactive in developing the relationship with our chosen charity – Lambeth & Southwark Mind.  This will involve filling out event forms for KCL fundraising to allow us to raise money for this.

Events Officer – Events for students are the core of what ThinkMental does.  This individual will be involved with the day-to-day running of events including: yoga, mindfulness, student stories and others.

Publicity Officer – A hugely important role.  The publicity officer will be responsible for running the online presence of ThinkMental.  At the moment, this is primarily focussed on 3 things: Facebook, Instagram and our website:  They will focus on how to raise awareness of our society and provide a space for member contributions on the website.  They should think about how Facebook Ads can be used next year – a critical component of raising an online presence.  Good Photoshop and media ability is desirable.

ThinkMental Radio Host – This individual will continue to run our entertaining radio show/podcast.  They will organise special guests, features and general fun for the show.  This will involve potentially setting up a Soundcloud as a host site, or continued work with Mixcloud.