Submission FAQs

We get a lot of questions about submitting content to our website, so we’ve answered some of the most common ones here. If your question isn’t answered here then just drop us an email!

What can I submit to the website?
We welcome any creative work! Photography, poems, art, musings, music, blog post pieces, etc etc etc. There is a lot of work on our website that you can have a look at if you need some inspiration (in the ‘creative’ tab of the main menu) but don’t be afraid to submit something new and different! Please just make sure that you are submitting your own original work.

What format should I submit things?
If you’re submitting something written then it’s easiest for us if you send it in a format that allows us to copy and paste. If you’re submitting images or artwork or photographs then please submit them in high quality JPEGs so that they look good on all screens (but not such high quality that it breaks our website pls).

Do I need to send you anything else with my submission?
We love to share some information about our incredibly creative members so if you feel comfortable doing so, please send us a little bio about yourself and what you’re studying alongside a photo of yourself for us to add to your submission (you can see similar examples on previous posts on our website).

What if I don’t want to share my identity with my submission?
That’s ok too! If you would prefer us to publish your work anonymously please just let us know in the email that you send us with your work.

Is there a deadline for submissions?
Submissions for our website are always open. At busy times it might take us a while to get your submission onto the website but there’s no deadlines that you need to worry about.